AHP Past Presidents


Humanistic Psychology is often referred to as a “Third Force” Movement in psychology.  It came into being in response to the mechanistic beliefs of behaviorism and the biological reductionism and determinism of classical psychoanalysis.  Humanistic Psychology, therefore, is a contemporary manifestation of an ongoing historic creative tension in the field of psychology to affirm the inherent value and dignity of human beings.  Some of the luminary founders of Humanistic Psychology and AHP include Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Rollo May, Clark Moustakas, Charlotte Buhler, Gordon Allport, J. F. T. Bugental, Gardner Murphy, Henry Murray, Jacques Barzum, Rene Dubos, and Floyd Matson.   These founders and AHP gave birth to what is called The Human Potential Movement.   The now commonly held notion that we live in an interdependent world is an outgrowth of The Human Potential Movement. 


Past Presidents of AHP include eminent, well known, and renown humanistic figures in the world such as James F. T. Bugental, Sidney M. Jourad, Charlotte Buhler, Jack R. Gibb, Stanley Krippner, Eleanor Criswell, Jean Houston, George Leonard, Virginia Satir, Lawrence LaShan, John Vasconcellos, Frances Vaughan, Maureen O’Hara, Arthur Warmoth, and J. Bruce Francis.  It is a long list of prominent thinkers, scholars, authors, and cultural creators who have sought to bring to consciousness the value and dignity of the human being in the field of psychology and beyond.   Listed below are all of the Past Presidents of AHP, presented in chronological order.


JAMES F. T. BUGENTAL—AHP’s First President


SIDNEY M. JOURARD—AHP’s Second President





JACK R. GIBB—AHP’s Sixth President

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GERARD V. HAIGH—AHP’s Seventh President


FLOYD W. MATSON—AHP’s Eighth President


DENIS O’DONOVAN—AHP’s Ninth President


No Photo Available


FRED MASSARIK—AHP’s Tenth President

LAWRENCE N. SOLOMON—AHP’s Eleventh President

No Photo Available

NORMA LYMAN—AHP’S Twelfth President

No Photo Available


STANLEY KRIPPNER—AHP’s Thirteenth President


VIN ROSENTHAL—AHP’S Fourteenth President


ELEANOR CRISWELL—AHP’S Fifteenth President




JEAN HOUSTON—AHP’s Seventeenth President


GEORGE LEONARD—AHP’s Eighteenth President


BILL BRIDGES—AHP’s Nineteenth President


JACQUELINE L. DOYLE—AHP’S Twentieth President

 No Photo Available


VIRGINIA SATIR—AHP’S Twenty-First President


RICK INGRASCI & PEGGY TAYLOR (AHP’S First Co-Presidents)—AHP’s Twenty-Second Presidents


DENNIS JAFFE—AHP’S Twenty-Third President


LAWRENCE LeSHAN—AHP’S Twenty-Fourth President


LONNIE BARBACH & JOHN VASCONCELLOS (AHP’S Second Co-Presidents)—AHP’S Twenty-Fifth Presidents


WILL MCWHINNEY—AHP’S Twenty-Sixth President


FRANCES VAUGHAN—AHP’s Twenty-Seventh President


RUBEN NELSON—AHP’s Twenty-Eighth President



 Disclaimer: Not sure if this is her actual photo


MAUREEN O’HARA—AHP’S Thirtieth President


SANDRA FRIEDMAN—AHP’S Thirty-First President


No Photo Available


ANN WEISER CORNELL—AHP’S Thirty-Second President


ARTHUR WARMOTH—AHP’S Thirty-Third President


J. BRUCE FRANCIS (1st Term)—AHP’S Thirty-Fourth President



M. A. BJARKMAN—AHP’S Thirty-Fifth President


JOCELYN OLIVIER—AHP’S Thirty-Sixth President


KATY ELIZABETH BRANT—AHP’S Thirty-Seventh President


No Photo Available

STAN CHARNOFSKY—AHP’S Thirty-Eighth President


STEVE OLWEEAN (1st Term)—AHP’S Thirty-Ninth President


LELAND “CHIP” BAGGETT (1st Term)—AHP’S Fortieth President

STEVE OLWEEAN (2nd Term)—AHP’S Forty-First President


J. BRUCE FRANCIS (2nd Term)—AHP’S Forty-Second President


CARROY “CUF” FERGUSON (1st term)—AHP’S Forty-Third President


CARROY “CUF” FERGUSON & LELAND “CHIP” BAGGETT (AHP’S Third Co-Presidents)—AHP’S Forty-Fourth Presidents


GINGER CLARK  & CARROY “CUF” FERGUSON (AHP’S Fourth Co-Presidents)—AHP’S Forty-Fifth Presidents


CARROY “CUF” FERGUSON—AHP’S Forty-Sixth President



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