Dr. Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, Ph.D.

This is the third installment related to 24 clues for knowing if you are being a conscious creator during unsettling times. Indeed, during such times, it is important to be “conscious creators” in order to maintain a focus on and to nurture the evolution of human consciousness.  It is also fair to say that during unsettling times, each person on the planet, nationally and globally, encounters a variety of choices in this regard to their conscious evolution.

A Way To Exercise Your Personal Power: Vote
By Dr. Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, Ph.D.

 As a psychological and educational association, the Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP) nurtures a conscious focus on the values of human dignity and humane societies. Currently, the divisive political climate nationally and globally and the lack of sensitivity and civility directed toward our individual and collective human being-ness cry out for a different way “to be.” 

By Dr. Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, Ph.D.

AHP President

 As human beings on this tiny planet in the cosmos we call Earth, we live as “citizens” in a variety of people-determined land demarcations that we call countries, each with its own unique version of politics.  Citizens in the United States and people in the world, therefore, are engaged in a variety of political dramas.  It is fair to say that in the United States and globally, the current political climate is very divisive.