Regarding the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Hi All,

The purpose of this message is to add AHP's "voice" to the current discourse that is unfolding in the United States and on the world stage in wake of the recent 2016 U.S. presidential election.


In regard to the above, it would be fair to say the following 1) the psychosocial-political climate that has been created is extraordinarily divisive and requires healing; and 2) currently there is a great deal of uncertainty in our individual and collective psyches, nationally and internationally. It is fair to say that one can not honestly deal with or create authentic healing conditions without first acknowledging what is so.

What then are some things that require acknowledgement, and how can AHP be helpful? Following are just a few important things that require acknowledgement: (1) many people supporting the winner of the popular vote, but not the winner of the Electoral College, were traumatized by the outcome of the election, a 20-year low in voter turnout; (3) a variety of value-related issues linked to race, religious, class (socioeconomic status), gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, and generational differences (age) have surfaced, and have resulted in increased anxieties and hate-related incidents; (4) currently, underlying fears, rationalization, and denial are at play, mechanistically framing the focus of many people's energies and consciousness, nationally and internationally.

In light of the above, AHP has an important role to play. That role involves being even more vigilant in standing for and promoting humanistic values and ideas for more humane societies. A humane society values human dignity, celebrates human differences and diversity, embraces all races, cultures and religions, respects and honors authentic and civil discourses, and encourages the development and enhancement of everyone's human potential. AHP was founded with such a vision in mind. Never has it been more important than now to affirm and to nurture that vision.

In February 2016, I wrote an article for our Online AHP Perspective titled "Eight Perspectives For Staying Grounded When The World 'Seems' Insane." I invite you to take a look at that article on our website.

We, the AHP Board, invite you, therefore, to join or re-join us and invite others to join us as we vigorously move forward with the above vision in mind. We invite you to view AHP as a platform to let your voice be heard in creative and constructive ways in regard to this vision. We invite you to use our social media sites to engage in constructive discourses. And, if you would like to become an AHP Board member, please let us know.

With heart,


Carroy (Cuf) Feguson, PhD
AHP President

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