Benefits of Joining AHP's Member Network

  • Networking and Community Participation in “the historic organization” that gave birth to humanistic principles and popularized a focus on human potential and the evolution of consciousness
  • Discounts for AHP-sponsored and co-sponsored events
  • AHP Perspective (e-mail copy to print)
  • Opportunity to receive the Journal of Humanistic Psychology (JHP)
  • Free access to JHP Archives and JHP new article alerts
  • Cutting Edge Intellectual Stimulation Through AHP’s Social Media (e.g., AHP LinkedIn; AHP Facebook; AHP Twitter)
  • Listing in AHP Professional Directory (for professional members)
  • Opportunity for Joint Membership between AHP and the Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP) (for professional members)
  • Opportunities to receive CEC credits at AHP-sponsored and co-sponsored events
  • Mentoring Opportunities
  • Listing of Member Book(s) Relevant to humanistic and related fields in AHP Author’s Page (Disclaimer: Listing constitutes recognition and relevance, but does not constitute official AHP endorsement)
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