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Rennie, D. L. (2010) Humanistic Psychology at York University: Retrospective: Focus on Clients’ Experiencing in Psychotherapy: Emphasis of Radical Reflexivity. The Humanistic Psychologist. 38: 40-56. Article Description: Radical Reflexivity, awareness of our self-awareness, is demonstrated using qualitative research on client experiencing of therapy.

Journal of Humanistic Psychology

An international journal of human potential, self-actualization, the search for meaning and social change Review the Current Issue OnlineFirst (Forthcoming articles published ahead of print) All Issues The JHP is available electronically to members of institutions with a print subscription or for a fee. The Journal of…

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References Apfelbaum, E. P., Pauker, K., Sommers, S. R., & Amdady, N. (2010).  In Blind Pursuit of Racial Equality?Psychological Science, 21(11), 1587-1592. Researchers explain and expose the color-blind mindset to managing diversity to a sample of elementary-school students who were placed into 2 conditions (color-blind…

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